Learning to Type with Bernie

By Hoggatt, © 2005
4-color, top spiral, easel back, 128 pgs

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In response to requests for a book-based, new-key learning product for elementary school students, South-Western is developing Learning to Type with Bernie. This fun and dynamic new keyboarding text features Bernie and Professor Keys as they help students in grades 2-5 learn the alphabetic keys, top-row numbers, and numeric keypad. Flexibly designed, this text follows the order of keys taught in the award winning Bernie's Typing Travels and can be used either independently or in conjunction with the software.

  • Over 40 hands-on non-software-specific lessons inform and entertain
  • Extra enrichment activities challenge advanced students
  • Language skills are covered for composing, spelling, word games, etc.

Teachers are going to love…

  • Keyboarding Wall Chart Set
    Package contains 8 four-color 36"x 24" two-sided wall charts that are visual reminders for students to practice proper keyboarding techniques.

  • Student Stickers
    Package contains over 700 stickers for grading students' work and offering encouragement.

The Wall Charts and the Stickers can be used in any keyboarding class!

Product Family:
0-538-43962-9 Text (softcover, easel-back, 4-color, 128 pages)----------------------------------------------- $ 26.50
0-538-43989-0 Student Stickers (package of 24 four-color 8.5" x 11" sheets)---------------------------- $ 16.50
0-538-43963-7 Keyboarding Wall Chart Set (contains 8 four-color 36" X 24" two-sided charts)---- $ 105.00
0-538-43964-5 Teacher's Manual (4-color)----------------------------------------------------------------------------- $ 46.00
0-538-43988-2 Teacher's Resource CD--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- $150.00
(includes PowerPoint slides, lesson plans, additional activities, test questions, clip art, and more)

For additional product information contact your sales support rep or call 1-800-354-9706
visit www.swlearning.com
visit www.typewithbernie.keyboarding.com
visit www.berniestypingtravels.com
visit www.lwc.keyboarding.com

Table of Contents

1) Front matter

a) Title page
b) Copyright
c) Ad page
d) Preface
e) Contents (2)
f) About the Computer

2) Alphabetic Keyboarding

a) Lesson 1 Home Keys
b) Lesson 2 Reinforce Home Keys
c) Lesson 3 e and n
d) Lesson 4 Review
e) Lesson 5 o and t
f) Lesson 6 i and r
g) Lesson 7 Review
h) Lesson 8 h and Left Shirt
i) Lesson 9 c and y
j) Lesson 10 Review
k) Lesson 11 Period (.) and u
l) Lesson 12 p and w
m) Lesson 13 Review
n) Lesson 14 m and g
o) Lesson 15 Right Shift and b
p) Lesson 16 Review
q) Lesson 17 v and comma
r) Lesson 18 x and colon
s) Lesson 19 Review

t) Lesson 20 q and question mark
u) Lesson 21 z and Tab Key
v) Lesson 22 Review

3) Skill Building

a) Skill Building 1
b) Skill Building 2
c) Skill Building 3
d) Skill Building 4
e) Skill Building 5
f) Skill Building 6
g) Skill Building 7
h) Skill Building 8
i) Skill Building 9
j) Skill Building 10

4) Number Reaches

a) Lesson 1 Learn 8 and 1
b) Lesson 2 Learn 9 and 4
c) Lesson 3 Learn 0 and 5
d) Lesson 4 Learn 7 and 3
e) Lesson 5 Learn 6 and 2
f) Lesson 6 Review

5) Numeric Keypad

a) Lesson 1 Learn 4, 5, 6, and 0
b) Lesson 2 Learn 7, 8, and 9
c) Lesson 3 Learn 1, 2, and 3
d) Lesson 4 Learn Decimal (.)

Table of Contents

Wall Chart Posters


Front Side

Reverse Side

Poster 1
Posture at a Computer (with Bernie)

Poster 9 (reverse of Poster 1)

Poster 2
Parts of a Computer

Poster 10 (reverse of Poster 2)
Computer History Timeline

Poster 3
Typing Techniques, Home-Key Position

Poster 11 (reverse of Poster 3)
Parts of a Letter

Poster 4
Typing Techniques, Space Bar and Enter Key

Poster 12 (reverse of Poster 4)
Word Processor

Poster 5
Typing Techniques, Shift Keys

Poster 13 (reverse of Poster 5)

Poster 6
Care and Handling of Disks

Poster 14 (reverse of Poster 6)

Poster 7
Care of Equipment

Poster 15 (reverse of Poster 7)
Bernie's E-mail Netiquette Rules

Poster 8
Computer Lab Rules

Poster 16 (reverse of Poster 8)
Bernie's Internet Safety Rules