Learning to Type with Bernie

0-538-43963-7 Keyboarding Wall Chart Set (contains 8 four-color 36" X 24" two-sided charts)---- $ 99.00

Table of Contents

Wall Chart Posters


Front Side

Reverse Side

Poster 1
Posture at a Computer (with Bernie)

Poster 9 (reverse of Poster 1)

Poster 2
Parts of a Computer

Poster 10 (reverse of Poster 2)
Computer History Timeline

Poster 3
Typing Techniques, Home-Key Position

Poster 11 (reverse of Poster 3)
Parts of a Letter

Poster 4
Typing Techniques, Space Bar and Enter Key

Poster 12 (reverse of Poster 4)
Word Processor

Poster 5
Typing Techniques, Shift Keys

Poster 13 (reverse of Poster 5)

Poster 6
Care and Handling of Disks

Poster 14 (reverse of Poster 6)

Poster 7
Care of Equipment

Poster 15 (reverse of Poster 7)
Bernie's E-mail Netiquette Rules

Poster 8
Computer Lab Rules

Poster 16 (reverse of Poster 8)
Bernie's Internet Safety Rules